CoinMooner Platform Review 2022 – A Free 5 Minutes Guide

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CoinMooner Platform Review


CoinMooner Platform Review
CoinMooner Platform Review


If you’re keen on learning what cryptocurrencies whales are buying, you are likely searching for a decent coin posting site. This article audits one such site: CoinMooner.

CoinMooner Platform Details

CoinMooner is a cryptocurrency local area platform that holds the point of making crypto more open. It features games and a coin tracker, making it simple to add your own new crypto listings.

Lists of Coins

CoinMooner’s site has a coin positioning page that is helpful for individuals hoping to invest in tokens. All its token postings give a ton of valuable measurements for its coins. Every token posting incorporates the coin’s market cap, exchanging history, and send off date.


When concluding whether or not you will invest in cryptocurrency, getting a feeling of its overall presentation on the market is consistently helpful. CoinMooner makes this information simple to find and understand so that even those with limited insight in crypto can get a feeling of current trends.

How to Add a Coin to the CoinMooner Platform

Adding a new crypto leaning to CoinMooner couldn’t be less difficult. You’ll have to enter a few insights regarding your coin, including the name, image, description, price, and send off date.

Promoting the Coin

Once you’ve added your new token inclining to CoinMooner’s crypto tracker, advancing your project is really simple. There are a few unique promotions accessible through the site, including pennants, pop-ups, promotions, and KYC functions for projects. You could in fact sort out for a tech review from blockchain security specialists.

CoinMooner’s promotions administrations start at the serious price of 0.2 BNB (generally USD 87). In addition, CoinMooner offers limits, as well. With everything taken into account, the site makes it simple to get your coin all the openness you want.

Other Features

As well as including a convenient crypto tracker and allowing you to add new token postings to their site, CoinMooner likewise has blockchain games and airdrops.

Blockchain Games

CoinMooner champions blockchain-based gaming, posting almost seventy games on its site. Playing these games, CoinMooner’s clients get to have a great time as well as get the opportunity of winning financial motivating forces while they play.

Today, blockchain technology is only turning out to be increasingly famous. CoinMooner will probably have significantly more games on its site in the close future.


Airdrops are when crypto coin projects discharge tokens to the individuals from their local area, normally for free. To put it plainly, airdrops are a method for empowering individuals to engage with the venture and purchase a greater amount of the coin.

CoinMooner has a long rundown of ongoing airdrops on its site, and furthermore permits individuals to handily add their own airdrops.

What is Mooner Coin?

Mooner Coin ($MOONER) is the name given to the CoinMooner coin. Assuming that you invest in this token, you can involve it to get limits on promotions for your own token postings. As per the $MOONER crypto posting, you can likewise involve it for games, NFT purchases, and even more.


On the entire, CoinMooner definitely appears to be a site with a ton of commitment. It is very simple to utilize, whether you simply need some dependable information on token postings, or then again if you need to make new crypto posting yourself. There are likewise a lot of chances for you to have a great time on the site too: you can mess around to win financial rewards or take part in airdrops to get tokens for free.

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