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Self Inspection Demo Video for Car Insurance Renewal
Self Inspection Demo Video for Car Insurance Renewal

Demo Video for Car Insurance Renewal


How to Do Self Inspection Demo Video for Car Insurance Renewal?

Engine vehicle review assumes a fundamental part at the hour of lapsed car insurance recharging process. At the point when you neglect to reestablish your insurance policy on time, it will slip by. You need to go through the whole interaction once more, what begins with applying for a new policy. On the off chance that you are reestablishing your passed car insurance policy, a car examination is compulsory. In any case, has now made reestablishing a passed car insurance policy simpler with a ‘self-video review’ highlight, read on to find out about this.

All You Need to Know About ‘Self Inspection Demo Video’ Feature

Self examination demo video is an element given to make the car insurance reestablishment process more straightforward. In this, you really want to shoot a video of your car on your telephone and send it to the insurer. The essential goal of this element is to save time and guarantee bother free insight while reestablishing the terminated or slipped by car insurance policy.

This is otherwise called a pre-policy car insurance examination that happens before the terminated policy is reestablished. The justification behind leading a pre-policy car review is to assess the car’s condition, distinguish the current damages, and check in the event that there is an enemy of robbery gadget introduced or not.According to it, the car insurance premium is determined.

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How to Conduct Self-inspection for Car Insurance Renewal?

Car insurance self-examination at is straightforward and simple to direct. Here is a cycle that you really want to follow for directing self-examination of your car-

  • Install Application

To start the car examination process, you really want to download the Policybazaar application, which is accessible for both Android and iOS clients.

  • Log In

Then, sign in with your enlisted versatile number in the introduced Policybazaar application. Then, at that point, click on the ‘Start Investigation’ button.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Recording the Video

Here is a list of conditions that you must fulfill before you record the video-

  1. Keep the car’s Enlistment Authentication (RC) and the Earlier Year Policy (PYP) archives helpful as the need might arise to record these in the self-review video.
  2. Figure out the car’s case number that is engraved under the front hat of the car. In any case, in certain cars, it is seen as close to the driver’s entryway of the traveler’s entryway.
    Ensure the chassis number is on the car’s body, not on a sticker of the car’s window.
  3. Ensure you leave the car in clear daylight. Try not to stop under a tree, fix studio/carport or petroleum siphon.
  4. Clean your car’s windshield and windows.

As you complete the above 4 steps, tick off the checklist. Then, press the ‘Start Car Inspection’ button available on your screen.

  • Start Recording the Video

Follow the above ‘Self-Review Demo Video’ and according to the directions, record an unmistakable 360-degree video from every one of the points trained in the video for effective car insurance restoration.

  • Review and Renew

Whenever you are finished with the recording according to the demo video, audit your video once. On the off chance that you have missed any step, record the video once more.

When every one of the above advances are finished, press the ‘submit’ button, and the self-review video is effectively submitted.

Why Choose Policybazaar Self Video Claim for Car Insurance Renewal?

In the event that you neglect to recharge your car insurance policy before the expiry date from Policybazaar. Simply relax, we have you covered. You can now effectively restore your car insurance with the ‘self-examination’ highlight accessible on the Policybazaar application.

Here is a rundown of benefits of selecting a self-examination include

  1. Time-saving

    Self-investigation for reestablishing a passed car insurance policy saves a ton of time when contrasted with an actual review, which is finished by an assessor selected by your insurer.

  2. Faster Approvals

    The insurer will review the uploaded video and approve it after verification. Meanwhile, the physical inspection takes approx. 2-3 days.

  3. No Need for a Specialized Surveyor

    As a car proprietor, you can essentially adhere to every one of the directions referenced in this ‘self-review demo video’. Regardless of whether you are not well informed or need more information about insurance language, you can direct a self-video examination with no problems. There is no requirement for any particular assessor.

  4. No Paperwork

    No desk work is expected at the hour of recharging. You can do this with a cell phone and a steady web association.

  5. Prompt Customer Care Assistance

    At Policybazaar Insurance Specialists Private Restricted, you get confirmation for brief client care help in regards to any issues connected with policy restoration.


Typically, your insurer doles out an assessor to truly examine the car for assessing the current damages prior to restoring a slipped by or terminated car insurance policy. Notwithstanding, presently the most common way of reestablishing a passed car insurance policy has been rearranged with the ‘self-video review’ include. Adhere to every one of the guidelines made sense of in the article and get some margin to shoot the video. Go through the video prior to submitting it.

How to Calculate Your Car Insurance Premium Online?

A car insurance policy record has specific segments where all the policy terms and conditions, incorporations, prohibitions, IDV, and so forth, are composed. All the car proprietors should know about these points of interest that are thought about while computing the car insurance premium. If you have any desire to ascertain your car insurance premium, read on to figure out how you can do that on the web.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Premium

Your car insurance premium is calculated based on these covers-

  1. Third-party liability cover
  2. Own damage cover
  3. Personal accident cover
  4. Add-on covers
  1. Third-party Cover

    In India, it is required to host something like third-gathering liability cover for the car proprietors. The justification for making it an obligatory cover is, it monetarily covers damages or misfortune to the third individual or property.

    In any case, it doesn’t give coverage for the own damages, so encouraged to decide on a policy covers the costs for the own damages too.

    The premium of outsider cover is chosen by the Insurance Administrative Power of India (IRDAI) and the cubic limit of the car.

    Own-damage Cover

  2. The own-damage cover is discretionary coverage for the policyholders. It is named as a useful insurance coverage. It repays the costs assuming your insured car is damaged in a mishap, burglary, flames, or regular and man-made debacles.The premium for OD cover is determined in light of the IDV. The higher the IDV or Insured Announced Worth means higher will be the premium as well as the other way around. The Indian Engine Levy chooses the level of IDV.

    Formula to Calculate Insured Declared Value (IDV)

    IDV = Car’s showroom price + cost of accessories (if any) – depreciation (decided by the IRDAI)

    Own Damage = IDV x premium rate decided by the insurer + add-on covers (if any) – discounts or benefits (no claim bonus)

  3. Personal Accident Cover

    Dad cover is one more required cover that monetarily safeguards the policyholders in the event of long-lasting handicap or accidents. Under this, you get the total insured of Rs 15 lakh. The premium charged for Dad cover becomes higher as you increment the total insured.

  4. Add-on Covers

    Add-on covers or riders are the main part for computing the car insurance premium. The extra covers help in upgrading the policy coverage by paying some additional amount as a premium.

    A few generally known riders in car insurance are emergency aides cover, NCB protection add-on cover, zero depreciation cover, tire protection cover, and so on. This large number of covers help the policyholder to safeguard widely in numerous unanticipated situations.

Online Car Insurance Premium Calculator

To ascertain the car insurance premium on the web, you can visit the authority site of Policybazaar Insurance Representatives Restricted. Be that as it may, you should think about the accompanying viewpoints to get the specific the worth

  1. Insured Declared Value (IDV)

    IDV is an expected amount made by the insurance supplier. It is a set claim amount that a policyholder can request if there should be an occurrence of all out misfortune, mishap, or burglary. Recall that IDV continues to diminish with time.

  2. Cubic Capacity of the Car

    Cubic limit alludes to the size of the car’s motor. The CC contrasts starting with one variation then onto the next variation. Subsequently, the higher the motor cubic limit, the higher will be the premium.

  3. Age of the Car

    The car’s age is one more critical viewpoint in working out car insurance premiums on the web. For a recently purchased car, you would need to pay a higher premium for coverage instead of for an old car. Consequently, the age of the car assumes an essential part in settling on car insurance costs.


In the event that you own a car, it is encouraged to pick an exhaustive insurance plan, as it will save you from the monetary weight during unpredicted conditions. Your insurance organization will deal with the costs of fix or substitution as a return favor for the opportune payment of premium. You should consider the previously mentioned elements to ascertain your car insurance premium on the web.



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