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New India Car Insurance Policy
New India Car Insurance Policy

Why Should You Choose a New India Car Insurance Policy?


New India Car Insurance Policy


Why Choose Comprehensive Car Insurance?

New India Confirmation is India’s biggest public area general insurance organization. It offers General Insurance items, including an exhaustive car insurance policy.

As indicated by the Engine Vehicle Act, all car proprietors should acquire something like outsider car insurance. Be that as it may, it doesn’t give you broad coverage. To be completely safeguarded against unexpected setbacks getting an extensive car insurance policy is fundamental.

With the rising number of vehicles running out and about, the chance of accidents has likewise developed. Likewise, the expense related with the mishap can influence you unfavorably. Consequently, a car insurance plays a crucial part in giving you broad coverage against monetary weights, profound damage, outsider liabilities, and own damage.

Why Should Buy a New India Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

New India Confirmation thorough car insurance covers both own damages and outsider damages. Likewise, you can purchase add-on covers by paying an extra premium with your essential policy. The exhaustive car insurance policy safeguards against different cataclysmic events like floods, tides, tornadoes, seismic tremors, and so forth. It additionally shields your car from damages because of man-made catastrophes like robbery, thievery, strikes, defacing, and so on. Notwithstanding, a rebate is presented by the insurer to the people who have introduced enemy of robbery gadgets and is likewise an individual from the Automobile Relationship of India.

Like some other insurance policy, the New India car insurance policy additionally has incorporations, prohibitions, and terms and conditions. Their car insurance recharging process is very basic. Generally speaking, the New India complete car insurance policy is an ideal arrangement that covers every one of the parts of your vehicle from risks and perils that could hamper you monetarily.

Key Benefits of New India Car Insurance Policy

Here is a list of key benefits of obtaining a New India comprehensive car insurance policy-

  1. 24X7 Customer Support Service

    The best component of New India Affirmation Organization Restricted is its thoroughly prepared and learned client care group. They will furnish you with essential help at whatever point required. In addition, they will direct you while raising claims and car insurance recharging.

  2. Network Garages

    New India Affirmation Organization Restricted has 3000+ credit only carports the nation over, where you can send your damaged car for fixes.

  3. Hassle-free Claim Settlement Process

    The claim settlement process with New India Confirmation Organization Restricted is simple and bother free in the event of any crisis.

  4. Claim Settlement Ratio

    The company has a claim settlement ratio of 89.60%. It ensures that all legitimate claims are settled on time without any hassles.

  5. Discounts

    Automobile Relationship of India (AAI) individuals and the people who have introduced enemy of burglary gadgets in their vehicles are qualified to partake in extra limits presented by the insurer.


New India’s far reaching car insurance policy offers monetary protection against different unpredicted cases. Besides, they have an incredible claim settlement proportion and 24X7 client assistance administrations to address every one of the questions of the clients. Generally speaking, getting a car insurance policy from New India Affirmation Co Ltd is quite possibly of the best choice.

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Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover Flood Damages?

Consistently, particularly during the storm, many territories of India witness weighty precipitation causing streak floods. These floods make serious damage cars. As a car proprietor, you could have to interface with your insurer to check whether your car insurance policy covers the expense of fixing the flood damages. Peruse on to learn about flood damages and its effect.

All About Flood Damage and Its Impact

Your flood damage cover relies on the sort of car insurance plan you have bought. On the off chance that you have thorough coverage, which is a discretionary cover, just the flood damage is covered in your car insurance policy. In any case, in the event that you host a third-gathering car insurance policy, you won’t get any monetary protection against the flood damages caused to your insured car.

An extensive car insurance policy covers a wide range of damages to your insured car by normal catastrophes like twisters, tides, floods, waves, and so on. Additionally, it covers damages supported via cars because of fire, accidents, burglary, and man-made disasters.

It is consistently an optimal decision to go for complete insurance policy in the event that you live in a flood-inclined region. A solitary hit by the flood can seriously damage your vehicle, and hence, it will prompt a decrease in its worth. In the worst situation imaginable, it can transform into a complete misfortune circumstance where the damages are hopeless. On the off chance that you own an exhaustive car insurance policy, you could save an immense amount during such unexpected cases.

Types of Flood Damages to the Car

Here is a list of damages caused to the car due to the flood-

  1. Engine Damage – The motor is the spirit of any hardware. The water overflowing into the car’s motor during the storm season or flood can damage it somewhat or completely.
  2. Electrical Damage – A solitary drop of water can make a short out the electrical parts in the car. Now and again, the admonition lights on the dashboard begin to breakdown.
  3. Upholstery Damage – Generally speaking, the insides of the car, including the car seats, carpet, and different decorations can be damaged because of the clamminess brought about by the water ingression.
  4. Gearbox Damage – The water ingression in the gearbox can damage it. This might cause malfunction while performing any task.

Does Car Insurance Covers Flood Damage?

Indeed, your far reaching car insurance policy covers the flood damage. Hence, getting satisfactory coverage for your car is fundamental. Complete car insurance is the most effective way to get made up for flood damages or absolute misfortune circumstances.

Besides, you have the choice to upgrade the fundamental coverage by remembering add-for covers. A few normal sorts of extra cover that you can remember for your car insurance policy are motor protection add-on cover, consumables cover, zero depreciation cover, and so on. You can likewise visit the authority site of Policybazaar Insurance Agents Private Restricted to buy car insurance online alongside reasonable extra covers.

Best Car Insurance Add-ons for the Flood Damages

To safeguard your vehicle from unanticipated damages, particularly the flood damages, putting resources into a complete car insurance policy is better. In any case, to improve the coverage for specific damages or misfortunes caused because of floods, you should remember the right add-for covers with your insurance plan.

Here is a rundown of extra covers that you should consider to fortify your policy-

  1. Engine Protection Add-on Cover

    Your far reaching car insurance policy doesn’t make up for the damages caused to the car motor. In the event that you acquire the motor protection add-on cover, you will get monetary coverage for damaged motor parts.

  2. Consumables Cover

    You get remuneration to supplant consumables things, for example, gearbox, motor oil, ointments, nuts and fasteners, oil, and so on. Every one of these are things are not covered in your fundamental car insurance policy. In this manner, you are safeguarded against the costs caused on consumables during a flood damage.

  3. Roadside Assistance Cover

    In storm season, the emergency aides cover is the fundamental cover to give 24X7 crisis emergency aides, including towing administrations or fuel help, assuming you are adhered because of the downpour or flood.

  4. Zero Depreciation Cover

    With time, the worth of your car and its parts deteriorate because of standard mileage. At the hour of claim settlement, your insurer doesn’t pay the whole worth of the car. Nonetheless, assuming that you have this extra cover, the depreciation isn’t thought of and you will get the all out esteem.

Safety Measure to Follow While Driving Car in a Submerged Area

If your car is submerged in water or you are driving through a flooded area, here are some safety tips you can follow-

  • Abstain from beginning the car by push-beginning assuming that your car is lowered in water. You ought to disengage the battery and tow the car to a studio.
  • Drive the car in lower gears and try to maintain your speed in it.
  • Test your brakes prior to going out and in the wake of leaving the overwhelmed region.
  • Avoid attempting to start the car even if the water level receded.

Final Thoughts

As a car proprietor, you should purchase car insurance online as it gives numerous choices to investigate. If you have any desire to cover the damages or misfortunes caused because of the floods, you ought to have an exhaustive car insurance policy. Alongside it, you can likewise purchase fundamental extra covers, for example, motor protection add-on cover and emergency aides cover.


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